Thermal Pest

We do operate a unique disinfestation chamber where no toxic substances are implied.

The thermal pest is a method that is applied when the site and the type of infection allows. It relies on the fact that insects do not survive more than a specific temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.
We raise the room temperature with special heaters to the required level and maintain for a period of time, thus eliminating any type of insect, wherever located.

Portable Direct Fired Gas

Knowing that the average temperature in Crete, especially during the summer months, is quite high, we spend much less energy to achieve the desired temperature in relation to other geographical areas.


Application using super-heated dry steam

The portable super dry steam generator makes it possible to directly apply this nontoxic disinfectant method of high efficiency in homes, in hotels, in restaurants, in kindergartens, in clinics, hospitals, buses, in areas with pets and generally where the use of chemicals is not appropriate.

Portable Super Dry Steam Generator

The dry steam at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius instantaneously kill the insects and their eggs, mites and bacteria. With this method, the space directly attributed free from pests without using chemicals.