Pest from woodworm in perishable articles

The furniture is sealed in a special folder from which the air is removed and replaced as appropriate with pure nitrogen. The insect, wherever is in the wood, in a few days dies from asphyxiation. The method is safe, does not contain a pesticide, and usually does not require transfer the furniture from the room where it is.

Steam Generator

We added a new method which is called " dry steam ". This is a completely non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly method that treats insects such as bed bugs, fleas and mites, bacteria using superheated steam. Eggs, larvae, adult insects are killed in a single application. The space assigned directly for use without any reflection towards persistence.

Three-day seminar of the University of Thessaly

On 26-28 April 2013 in Heraklion Crete, we attended the three-day seminar organized by the University of Thessaly. It's topic was "insect and rodent control in urban and semi-urban environment".

International pest-ex 2013 in London.

We have visited the International pest exhibition at London and we have got ourselves a most interesting follow up regarding at the most recent methods of pest control.