..there is a mouse or rat in the house.

The most common way to determine that there is a mouse or a rat in the house, is the presence of feces (mostly on the floor). If it is about a mouse, the size of it does not exceed 6 mm, meanwhile it does not exceed 20 mm, in a case of a rat. Another indication would be the marks of their teeth on cables, on wooden or card boxes or on clothes.

..there are cockroaches in the house.

In most cases they are invisible, being a nocturne species. If you happen to trace them during day hours, that is bad news, since that indicates overpopulated nests.
They live behind small marks that assimilate a punctuation mark and a bit of smell. They also drop eggs that are about 10mm long, glossy and rounded.

..there is a wood beetle in the house.

The most distinguished indication would be the noise that the wood beetle larva produces by chewing the wood. Soon after, holes are traced on the surface of the wood. That indicates that the larva has turned into insect and has left the nest leaving eggs behind. Most commonly right outside the holes, the wood powder is piled up.

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