About Us

Apax is a company established by Stella Malliaraki, who is an agronomist specialized in environmental issues.

The environmental concerns and the rigor of which led to work in the design and implementation of the first oil production with negative carbon balance, reflected in the broader philosophy of Apax.

Dimitris Bourlos is the person in charge of anti-pest applications and Katerina Koutsantonaki is a highly trained technician on restoration of wooden objects

 Apax operates under official license 722/3919/2011.


Our philosophy

We seek for solutions that promote and ensure safety for our employees, for our clients and for the environment.

We attend all available seminars and we continuously refresh our knowledge on pest control.

Our applications are strictly guided by official regulations as described by the Agriculture Department and we only use substances approved by the authorities.

Meanwhile we take under consideration the present financial circumstances and we practice serious discounts to all our clients.


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Insect Extermination Cost: -

*The rodent extermination has the same charge. When it will be combined with the insect extermination, we will give to you a 20% discount. 

*For the cost of disinfection in occupational settings, public places, buildings e.t.c., do not hesitate to contact us.

*Prices are indicative and they don't include VAT.