Rodents gradually develop resistance to rodenticides. This is a reason that the best active substance must be periodically replaced by a different substance. This way will be effective counter-measures.

A female mouse, together with their descendants, can give 15,000 descendants during one year. Similarly a rat gives 2,000 descendants. (How Quickly Do Rats Reproduce? The Answer Will Gross You Out.)

The teeth of rodents grow throughout their lifetime. It is therefore necessary to sharpen, gnawing among other plastics, cement, soft metal.

APOPO” is an MKO based in Belgium which operates in Cambodia, Thailand, Angola, Mozambique and Tanzania and provides great work by training rats to detect mines, but also to recognize people infected with TB, with rates that modern technical equipment not can. Why rats; But mainly for the amazing scent and their genius!! (Click here to see the link)

Recorded 800,000 different species of insects on earth, accounting for 80% of the living beings on the planet. The oldest insect fossils dating back 300 million years ago.

Mice and rats have very weak vision, especially beyond 1.5m. Moreover, they are colorblind. Instead, they have especially acute hearing, even in the range of 50 kilohertz (when a man hears to 20 kilohertz) and excellent sense of taste and smell. Because of this, they understand the existence of chemicals in their food at ppm (parts per million). Their smell allows them to find food, to recognize the members of the opposite sex, to distinguish those that do not belong in their own colony, and even those that are biologically weak (killgerm chemicals ltd-training).

Ornithosis is an infectious disease common in birds (sparrows, parrots and pigeons in urban environment), which sporadically transmitted to humans.

In psittaciformes, like parrots, the disease is called psittacosis and has caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci. The psittacosis and ornithosis have similar symptoms, although the ornithosis is presented with a heavier form. The clinical presentation usually includes fever, cough and intense headache. A «summer flu» may actually be ornithosis.! (

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